Frequently Asked Questions

About Z-aN

What is Z-aN?
Z-aN is a streaming platform that lets you watch video on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
After signing up, you can buy a ticket to the concert you want to see, and watch it from anywhere in the world.
You can also chat with others during the stream or send gifts to the performers.
Recommend Viewing Environment
Z-aN supports the following:

Recommended Viewing Environment (PC)
・OS:Windows10, 8(8.1), 7/ Mac OS X 10
Browser:Chrome 69 or later / Edge 84 or later / Safari 13.1.2 or later / Firefox 68 or later

Recommended Viewing Environment (Smartphone)
・OS: Android 6.0 or later / iOS 13.6 or later
・Google Chrome(Android/iOS) 69 or later /Safari 13.1.2 or later
Does it cost money to use Z-aN?
Registering an account is free.
Event tickets and gifting are paid.

*Some events may have free tickets.

About Z-aN Points

What are Z-aN Points?
Z-aN Points are used to purchase paid content (event tickets and gifts).
To purchase Z-aN Points:

■ Log In -> Go to the top of the My Page Screen -> Purchase Z-aN Points
I want to see my Z-aN point balance and Purchase History
To see your Z-aN Points Balance and Purchase History:

Login -> My Page -> "Available Z-aN Points"
Purchase History:
■ Login -> My Page -> "Purchase History"
Can Z-aN Points Be Used With Other Services or Platforms?
Z-aN Points can only be used on the Z-aN Platform.
They cannot be used with other platforms.
I bought Z-aN Points but don't see them on my account.
Under some network conditions, it may take time for Z-aN points to appear in your account after they've been purchased.
Try refreshing your browser.

[Logging In/Logging Out]

I can't log in
Please use the email address and password you chose when you registered to log in.
Make sure that caps lock is off and that there aren't any extra spaces.
If you registered using an email address,click hereForgotten Passwordto reset your password.

■This will take you to the Password Reset page. Put in your email address and click "Send" and we'll send you an email entitled "Password Reset".
If you can't find the email, please check the following:
br>・Make sure it didn't end up in your spam folder or a different mailbox.」<- make sure you can receive email from this address.

※If you didn't register with an email address, or cannot receive emails, you will not be able to check your Account ID or reset your password. If you cannot remember your password, please register a new account.
Logging Out
To log out, go to My Page and click Log Out.

Creating/Deleting Accounts

About Account Creation
To create an account, go to Log In from the top menu bar and then click New Account.
Enter your email address, click the checkboxes, and hit send.
We will send an email entitled "User Registration" to you. Click the link inside to finish setting up your account.
Setting up an account is free!

・Registering an account lets you buy Z-aN points and use other members-only services.
Account Deletion
To delete your account,click hereAccount Deletion Pageto go to the appropriate page.
Note that when you delete your account, your viewing history, as well as any Z-aN points you have, will be lost.
Reissuing Passwords
If you forget your password after registering an account, click the Forgotten Password link on the login screen.
We'll send an email to your account with instructions on how to reset your password.


My Stream won't play.
If the stream freezes during play, try clearing your browser's cache and reloading the page.
Playing at a high bitrate may cause problems with the stream depending on your network environment.
Please make sure you have enough bandwidth available.
The stream doesn't automatically play.
Some browsers won't play the stream automatically.
Check the browser's official page for information on changing auto-play settings.


I can't give gifts.
Gifts can only be given during a stream, and while logged into your Z-aN account.
Check if you have enough Z-aN Points to buy the gift.

If you don't have enough Z-aN points, please purchase more before trying to purchase the gift.

I Didn't Receive the Email

I Didn't Receive the Email from Z-aN
・Please check the following:
※Make sure that emails from and aren't ending up in your spam folder.
・Depending on the spam setting used by your service carrier (docomo, au, SoftBank, etc.), you may not get mails sent by Z-aN. Please contact your carrier for more information.

>>docomo Users
>>au Users
>>SoftBank Users

If the two issues above don't apply to you, please contact us via the "Contact Us" form.

*If you've closed the email address confirmtion screen, enter your email and password at the login screen and you can send it from the screen that appears there.

Other Questions

Can gifts be cancelled after gifting?
Gifts cannot be cancelled, changed, or refunded after gifting.
Can I cancel a ticket after I buy it?
Purchased tickets cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded.
However, tickets may be refunded due to artist illness, weather, or other circumstances that affect the event itself.