Z-aN Points Terms of Use

These Z-aN Points Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms of Use”) specify the conditions for using “Z-aN points” (hereinafter, “Points”) provided by Avex Music Creative Inc. (hereinafter, “the Company”), and all other related matters. Users must consent to these Terms of Use to purchase or use Points. Please only apply to purchase Points after carefully reading and understanding the contents. Users will be deemed to have consented to these Terms of Use with any purchase of Points, and agreement on using the Points as per the provisions of these Terms of Use shall be established between the user and the Company. If the user is subject to limitations in their capacity to act, such as being underage, please be sure to purchase/use the Points after obtaining the consent of the respective legal representative (guardian, parent, etc.).

1. Use of Points

Points can be used within the scope of the Points’ balance for the “Z-aN” video distribution service (hereinafter, referred to as “the Service”) operated by the Company. Points can be used to pay for viewing content and digital content on the Service. Furthermore, unless clearly specified as “hosted by the Company,” all sales of viewing content on the Service are by the Company on a consignment basis from the distributor.

2. Acquisition of Points

If the user wishes to obtain Points, please follow the procedures displayed on the Service screen. Users must select a payment method capable of purchasing Points, and follow the necessary operations to complete the purchase procedures as displayed on the Service screen. Furthermore, Points can be only acquired when users with Service User Account Information consent to the details of these Terms of Use.

3. Amount payable to purchase Points

There is no upper limit on holding Points. However, for underage users, there is a 20,000-yen-per-month limit on purchasing Points.

4. Term of validity for Points

There is no term of validity for Points. However, if users become ineligible to use “Z-aN” upon withdrawal from membership, etc., any unused Points shall be forfeited. When Service provision is terminated due to the Company’s sales or for another reason, a certain pre-notice period shall be separately specified, and the Service shall be terminated after passing the period.

5. How to confirm remaining Points

Remaining Points can be confirmed using My Page within the Service.

6. Precautions on use of Points

• Displayed content value shall include consumption tax.
• There may be a delay before purchased points are reflected following completion of procedures.
• Please confirm the display on the screen on the page to purchase Points regarding possible payment methods to purchase Points.
• Once Points purchase procedures have been completed, Points cannot be returned, nor refunded after consumption. However, if the Company terminates the Service, any residual Points will be refunded as per the fund settlement method.

7. Prohibited Items

The following actions are prohibited concerning the Company’s Points Service. If the Company confirms any prohibited actions, or confirms actions deemed as applicable by the Company, the offending user may be temporarily deprived of use of Points, or use of all User Account Information related to such user can be stopped, and said User Account Information deleted. Users hereby agree to all such measures.
• Actions involving reselling or transferring Points
• Permitting third parties other than the person themselves to use the Points
• Actions to obtain Points fraudulently
•Actions to purchase Points by those underage without obtaining consent from their legal representative•Actions to transfer or lend Service User Account Information to a third party
• Actions prohibited under Article 6 of the Terms of Use for the Service
• Other actions equivalent to the above

8. Exemptions

The Company shall not bear any responsibility for damage and other disadvantage incurred through use of the Service by users in relation to the Point-related Service, except for cases caused by the Company’s intent or gross negligence. Even in cases caused by the Company’s intent or gross negligence, the Company shall not be responsible for compensating lost profits or damage incurred due to other special circumstances, and will only compensate for damage within the scope that would normally occur.Use of the Service, including use of Points, may be partially or fully stopped or suspended without prior notice due to maintenance of the network system, server-side problems, the users’ usage environment, sales reasons, acts of providence, power outages, communication failure, establishment, alteration, or revision of laws or regulations, and other unavoidable reasons, etc. Even if users suffer damage caused by or in relation to such stoppages or suspensions in Service usage, the Company shall not bear any responsibility.When use of User Account Information is being stopped or the account deleted because the user violated the Terms of Use for the Service or these Terms of Use, the user shall be advised in advance that use of Points retained on the User Account Information will be stopped or deleted.

9. Changes to the Terms of Use

The Company may change the Terms of Use at the Company’s discretion. If the Terms of Use are changed, details of such changes shall be notified to users by being published on the Service screen. After notification of said changes, users will be deemed to have consented to the changed details of the Terms of Use included in the agreement concluded between the Company and users, with the arrival of the effective date that was notified or by purchasing Points by users.

10. Governing Law / Court of Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan and shall be construed under those laws.Any disputes or problems between the Company and its users caused by or arising from these Terms of Use or use of the Service by users of the Service shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in the first instance by mutual consent, depending on the amount in controversy.

Enactment date: July 26, 2020
Revision date: September 10, 2020
Revision date: August 1, 2023