October 21, 2022 [Alert] Beware of Fake twitter Accounts!

Thank you for your continued patronage of Z-aN.
We have confirmed the existence of a fake account impersonating our official Twitter account.
We have confirmed that some customers have already received DMs from the fake account.
The fake accounts have usernames, profiles, and posts that closely resemble ours, and they use our logo, but they have nothing to do with our company.
The official Z-aN account is as follows
@ZaN_lives: https://twitter.com/ZaN_lives
Our official account has been using Twitter since April 2020.
We have already reported this to twitter, but if you receive a suspicious DM, please do not click on the URL or enter any personal information.
Please block the fake account as soon as possible to prevent any damage.
Thank you for your continued support of Z-aN.