“mzsrz (mizushirazu)” is a singing girls’ band that releases somewhat distorted cheer songs that consistently forgive losing, running away, being weak, and being different.

With their sharp, deviant expressions unmeasurable by the standards of singing ability, they are currently gaining attention in the Tokyo live performance scenes. On Wednesday, January 11, their 2nd anniversary, they held their first solo concert with a band accompanying them. 

The venue was “渋谷eggman,” where DECO*27 and Rockwell judged the final audition for “YORUYAN.” It was here where the band mzsrz began. On this promised land, it became a memorable concert for the group members and the fans. 

It has been confirmed that videos from that concert will be broadcasted in an ONLINE-LIVE!
A special online project (only the viewers will know) is underway!

The band from the concert consists of impressive musicians; “Eiji Matsumoto,” a former member of FACT, currently the drummer for Ken Band, “Mshiro Shirakami” the bassist/artist,  “FZ (sfpr/Radcal Hardcore Clique),” “NOTHING TO DECLARE/JPME” on twin guitars.


The singing girls band sings about sensitive times, the anxiety and irritation everyone feels of “Stay pure and become impure.” mzsrz shows their new miracle of shielding the audience from society for that moment, with their super-introverted yet persistent yet sincere singing voice. 


Please do not miss this opportunity.

2,000 Yen

「mzsrz 1st ONEMAN LIVE-始線-」
Archive ticket

Archive Streaming Period
Mon, March 13, 2023 9:00 p.m. ~
Sun, March 19, 2023 11:59 p.m.

Streaming Period

As soon as the archive is ready to be released after the live streaming ends - SUN, Mar 19, 2023 11:59 p.m. (JST)

Unlimited Archive Viewing Ticket During The Period




02. Noise Canceling
03. 未来創造日記(original:はるな。)
04. Unbalance
05. Pantomime
06. Pandemonium
07. innocence(original:hitomi)/ Solo by Yui Sakuyama
08. 22歳(original:nicco)/ Solo by Kirari Ohara
09. 深い森(original:Do As Infinity)/ Solo by Yuyun
10. プラネタリウム(original:Otuka Ai)/ Solo by Yosei
11. 愛すべきひとよ(original:The Kaleidoscope)/ Solo by Minoka
12. 逃避行(original:十五少女)
13. Fader
14. Echo
15. リリー・ホールガール
16. 大切なもの
17. Dawn
18. Invader

EN.1 Filter
EN.2 Pandemonium
EN.3 Invader


performed by mzsrz

guitars : FZ (sfpr / Radical Hardcore Clique)


bass: Mashiro Shirakami

drums: Eiji Matsumoto (KEN BAND / Radical Hardcore Clique)

ive sound arrangement & Manipulation: FZ

venue: Shibutya eggman

produced by maximum10

This stream has ended.


「mzsrz 1st ONEMAN LIVE-始線-」
コメンタリー アーカイブ


配信準備が整い次第 2023年3月19日(日) 23:59

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mzsrz is formed by the 5 vocal members, Kirari Ohara, Yui Sakuyama, Minoka, Yuyun, and Yosei. They won the next-generation audition "Yoruyan", using their possessing voice to express various feelings. No face appearance was required at the audition. They sing about little things in their daily lives as one of anonymous beings. They call it "micro music."

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